Green Tourism


Palmeco Group Co. Ltd. down stream business will also include palm oil eco-tourism that the group hope that in its complete cycles of palm oil industries somehow benefits that environment and the people who live there.

The eco-tourism concept is to ensure the environmental sustainability and to encourages proactive nature conservation and the promotion of local cultural values, while at the same time developing local economies and the long term viability of ecotourism destinations.






The Ecopalm-Resort Selangau will have a total area of 50 acres and is located at KM 4 Selangau - Mukah road. The concept of vacation and recreation in oil palm plantation, fruit orchard and cattle and goat farms is also enhanced by the beautiful natural surroundings. Various local fruits are available especially durians which is in season in the period of June through July. This well-known resort promises fresh air and beautiful flora and fauna with clear lakes suitable for relaxing and fishing activity. 

Moreover, it is situated near Bukit Berkelah waterfall, a mere distance of 5 kilometers from the resort where visitors can opt for a 2-hour nature trekking to reach the waterfall area. Ecopalm-Resort Selangau also rear cattle and goats in its farm as an extra attraction and excitement for its visitors and occupants. Besides that, this resort also provides outdoor and extreme activities such as jungle tracking, kayaking and paintball.


Recreational Facilities

  • Forest camp and camping

  • Fishing pond

  • Obstacle track

  • Jungle Tracking

  • Beach volleyball court

  • Takraw court

  • Netball court

  • Ping pong court

  • Suspension bridge

  • Observation Tower


Poultry and Fruit Farming


Palmeco will also set up fruit orchards in Selangau area, planted in Jemoreng estate management center. The 20 hectares of orchard under the management of Jemoreng is planted with fruits such as lime, coconut, durian and rambutan.

Meanwhile a total of 50 hectares of land will be planted with coconut at the estate. The orchard at the estate will be planted with the famous 'matag' coconut, a favourite among the coconut buyers. The MATAG is a multipurpose coconut variety, being a good variety for producing tender drinking nuts, as well as mature coconuts for the production of coconut milk. The husk fibers are also dense, making it suitable for production of coir.


In the Palmeco range, the group will rear beef cattle known as Brakmas and goat-meat known as Boer. These cattle and goat will be reared and placed in a feedlot where the cattle and goat are sold to third party for its meat. 



Swiftlet Farming


Palmeco has its existing swiftlet farms in its Igan estate and has been doing swiftlet farming for more than 10 years now. In its palm oil eco-park, the group will also build a man-made swiftlet habitats that will be opened to its guests to understand more on swiftlet farming. Guests will be able to tour the building and learn how harvesting of edible bird’s nests.



Fish Farm and Hydroponics Vegetable

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