Management Team

Board of Directors

Tan Chew Chin

Tan Chew Chin is the founder and Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) of the Group. Mr. Tan

started his career with his father since early 1970 and has accumulated more than 40 years

of experience in the field of oil palm plantations and palm oil trading. Mr. Tan was the

founder of Melaka Oil Palm Dealer Association (“MODA”) and served as the Chairman of

the association for 15 years and currently serve as an advisor to the association. To date,

the Group owned approximately 4,300 hectares (“ha”) of oil palm plantations and secured

rights to develop 8,000 hectares of oil palm plantations in Sarawak. Mr. Tan was conferred

the title of Justice of Peace (“JP’) for his various contributions to the society.


Tew Hang Siong

Tew Hang Siong is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (“CTO”) of the Group. Mr.

Tew holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Kansas, United States of

America. Mr. Tew has more than 20 years of experience in designing and developing

management software system for companies in the palm oil industry. His experience

includes the consultation and implementation of management systems of more than 50 palm

oil mills, including oil palm plantations and oil palm dealers. Mr. Tew is a member of Golden

Key National Honor Society (Golden Key International Honour Society, Atlanta, USA) since






Tan Jia Kent

Tan Jia Kent is the Chief Financial Controller (“CFO”) of the Group. He holds a Bachelor of

Business from Monash University, Australia. He started his career with Ernst & Young

Advisory Services Sdn Bhd (“Ernst & Young”) in 2013. While with Ernst & Young, he led the

audits of SMEs covering a broad range of industries and public companies listed on Bursa

Malaysia Securities Berhad (“Bursa Malaysia”). He left Ernst & Young to join Palmeco in

2017. His responsibilities include leading the Finance Department, formulation of financial

strategies to facilitate the expansion of the Group’s business, and in formulating sales and

pricing strategies.


Lai Peng Wah

Lai Peng Wah is the Chief Operating Officer (“COO”) of the Group. Mr. Lai is in-charge of

the Group operation with the assistance of three estate managers. He is also the Group

representative and liaison person with the government representatives. In 2007, Mr. Lai

joined the company more than as an assistant estate manager. Prior joining the group, Mr.

Lai has more than 10 years working experience as a process engineer in a manufacturing



Pauline Ngu

Pauline Ngu is the Chief Administrative Officer (“CAO”) of the Group. Pauline started her

career with Shin Yang Sdn Bhd (“Shin Yang”) as an internal audit assistant in 2013. She left

Shin Yang and join SPM, a major subsidiary of the Group in 2014. She is responsible to

oversee the Group administrative matters and provide assistance to COO and CFO.


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Green Tourism


Palmeco Group Co. Ltd. down stream business will also include palm oil eco-tourism that the group hope that in its complete cycles of palm oil industries somehow benefits that environment and the people who live there.

The eco-tourism concept is to ensure the environmental sustainability and to encourages proactive nature conservation and the promotion of local cultural values, while at the same time developing local economies and the long term viability of ecotourism destinations.






The Ecopalm-Resort Selangau will have a total area of 50 acres and is located at KM 4 Selangau - Mukah road. The concept of vacation and recreation in oil palm plantation, fruit orchard and cattle and goat farms is also enhanced by the beautiful natural surroundings. Various local fruits are available especially durians which is in season in the period of June through July. This well-known resort promises fresh air and beautiful flora and fauna with clear lakes suitable for relaxing and fishing activity. 

Moreover, it is situated near Bukit Berkelah waterfall, a mere distance of 5 kilometers from the resort where visitors can opt for a 2-hour nature trekking to reach the waterfall area. Ecopalm-Resort Selangau also rear cattle and goats in its farm as an extra attraction and excitement for its visitors and occupants. Besides that, this resort also provides outdoor and extreme activities such as jungle tracking, kayaking and paintball.


Recreational Facilities

  • Forest camp and camping

  • Fishing pond

  • Obstacle track

  • Jungle Tracking

  • Beach volleyball court

  • Takraw court

  • Netball court

  • Ping pong court

  • Suspension bridge

  • Observation Tower

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